Why Buy Flexible Solar Panels for Camping?


If you're going camping, you must have already figure out that solar power is the most cost-effective and clean form of energy for use while out there enjoying exclusive outdoors. However, it's also important to narrow down your considerations and identify solar panels that will satisfy your power requirements while you're away from home. Typically, flexible solar panels are ideal for camping application.

Fixed vs. Flexible Solar Panels

There are two broad categories of 12V solar panels, and choosing the best depends on the type of trip you're taking as well as your power needs. If you were to use a fixed panel, you'd have to mount it on top of your 4WD. The panel would continue to produce electricity from the roof top of your car while on the go provided that it's exposed to sunlight. Another opportunity for the panel to produce power would be when the car is parked on a spot receiving direct sunlight.

However, a fixed solar panel has a major disadvantage--it does not take utilize all possible opportunities to make energy because you car won't always be exposed to direct sunrays, especially if you have to park it under shade. As such, the panel may lose about 20% of the power it'd otherwise potentially generate in a day.

On the other hand, flexible solar panels are more efficient. These panels are built with the flexibility to track the arc of the sun once they've been set up. The degree of flexibility varies from brand to brand, with some panels boasting 30-degree flexibility. That's how the panels are able to deliver the most power and optimize their charging capabilities. You only need time to set them up once you reach your camp site.


Flexible solar panels come with the added benefit of portability. Typically, they are made of lightweight materials, such as polymers, making them easy to transport and set up. They also last long, ensuring you can use them many times over without re-investing. They're certainly worth the investment if you're a frequent camper, or you like to go to remote places without connection to grid power.

Flexible solar panels are the real deal when you need to generate maximum power for camping. The panels are more efficient than their fixed counterparts as they have the ability to "follow" rays of the sun as the day unfolds. A 12V solar panel will certainly satisfy your camping power needs.

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